The Benefits Of A Pre-poo

These days I love using Aloe as a pre-poo. Either Ill use the natural plant or when I’m feeling lazy I’ll use the African pride pre-poo. Many of you may be wondering what is a pre-poo? Would it benefit me? Why would I have to prep my hair before washing it? Well this post is going to give you all the answers and help you decide if pre-pooing is for you!

Detangle & Reduce Breakage

A Pre-poo is just that. A mixture put on your hair before washing it that conditions your strands before going into the shampoo process. Sometimes my hair is extremely dry before wash day. If Ive had a protective style in for a good length of time then it’s tangled too! Going in before hand with a Aloe mixture helps to melt those tangles away and moisturizes my strands before clarifying. Some shampoos can be stripping and dry your hair out. So just imagine, going in with dry hair to then shampoo and make it even worse? This is where the goodness of a pre-poo comes in to give your hair protection. You’re going into wash day with a head start. The aloe lubricates your strands which makes detangling much easier and moisturizes the strands which decreases the chance of breakage. This makes for a smooth transition into wash day.

Reduce Wash Time

Wash day can sometimes take 2 hours! I know most black women can relate to this because our hair definitely needs TLC with a lot of attention to detail! Just the initial wet down alone can take 10 minutes. Especially for my normal to low porosity tresses, the water takes more time than normal to penetrate the strands in preparation for wash day. Doing a pre-poo can cut down on time in the shower and your strands will already be expanded and ready to take in the goodness of washday.

Enhance Texture

Before I started pre-pooing I didn’t know how much texture my hair really had. A Aloe pre-poo will make your curls pop, your waves pop, or whatever texture you never knew you had will guarantee to POP when using it. This is especially great for women who love wash & go’s because using a pre-poo will condition and moisturize your texture and the results will be super defined. Your hair will be left soft and manageable and like me, you’ll never go a wash day without your pre-poo.

Adding a pre-poo to your hair journey regimen is really top tier. To me, this step is considered a luxury and I wish that all women of color allow their hair to experience the goodness of an Aloe pre-poo. I promise you’ll love it!


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