YouTube Studio In Small Spaces

The beginning of this year, I decided I wanted to elevate my content and do that in my 493 sq. ft apartment! I wanted to be strategic and make sure that I could add to the space without crowding, and making everything movable. You have to be creative when living in a small space and I believe i’ve been able to achieve that to perfection!

Where Do You Start?

I first asked myself, what type of content do you want to create? I knew I wanted to do more fashion content and have a more aesthetically pleasing background for my Youtube videos. With my studio being one open space, the kitchen is exposed when taking photos in my floor mirror and also when I do makeup videos at my vanity. To fix this problem, I decided to hang more curtains along the back of my couch to create separation in the space that can be moved to the side when I’m not filming. It was honestly the perfect addition to the space and I love the fact that they can be moved to the side and adds this majestic feel to my living room aesthetic.

Styling The Space!

Now, my space isn’t big enough for custom closets and the whole fancy set up so I thought adding a clothing rack from Ikea would be the great addition to my fashion videos on Youtube. I also got a revolving stand to do try on hauls that can also make a great addition to reels. Both of these elements can be moved and put away or rolled into another area of my apartment for the time being.

I have really done my best to make my apartment work for all of the many roles I play with comfort and ease. If you are a visual person, I’ve made a full video on the process and I’ll leave it here for you to check it out. Thanks for reading!

I Hope you’ve enjoyed, until next time.

-Do what your love, love what you do.


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