I’ve been using Olaplex for over a year now and since the first time I used it, I was in fact hooked! The No.3 has been a staple in my hair routine and I faithfully go to Sephora To get more when I run out. Being a witness to how great the bond rebuilder in a bottle is to the health of my hair, I’ve been curious to try more products from the line. Special thanks to Olaplex I’ve gotten my hands on these jewels and the entire line has definitely become one of my favorites EASILY, So let’s jump right into it.

Wash Day Magic

I was sent the No.0, No.3, No.4, and No.5. You may be wondering, what does all that mean? Basically the No.0 preps your hair for the No.3 which is a bond rebuilder. The pair is said to work better together, although for the past year i’ve been using No.3 alone and have gotten great results! The No.4 is shampoo and the No.5 is the conditioner. The Olaplex line goes from 0-7, but the products mentioned in this post are the recipe to a perfect wash day.

I’ve been loving a good pre-poo in my hair journey lately so the No.0 came right on time. Its formula does not have a smell and has the consistency of water. The No.3 does a great job at bond rebuilding but, for a “deeper repair” and higher dose of bond rebuilding the No.0 prepares the hair to take in the Olaplex formula. The tops nozzle releases just enough of the solution to coat your strands without getting too messy. I must say, once I got to the second section it was easier for me to apply as I became more comfortable with the application process. I would suggest to focus the solution on your hair strands and not the scalp because well, that’s the purpose of the solution, to rebuild the bonds in your hair strands.

After letting your damp hair process for 10 minutes it’s time to go in with the No.3, which is my favorite! As I stated before this product has been an amazing stand alone addition to my hair regimen. But, according to Olaplex.com, your hair becomes 3x’s stronger and 68% more bonds are repaired when using the No.0 primer with the No.3 bond rebuilder. I honestly didn’t feel a difference from using it alone or as a two-part system but the site assures the claims are scientifically proven so i’m sure the magic is happening in my strands and they all will thank me later!

The hair protector in a tiny bottle instantly repairs your hair and I’m telling you from experience, It’s for sure giving you something you can feel (In my best En Vogue voice lol). It smoothed my cuticles instantly and gave me definition that I never knew I had. No.3 is not a conditioner, it’s a bond rebuilder with a PH of 3.5-5, which is why the next two steps are super important.

I always stress how important it is to be consistent when using products and use the entire line for the best results. Olaplex has formulated this line to work together perfectly and really strengthen and repair all hair types! When it comes to shampoo, I can never be too careful but I knew from the moment this hit my hands that I had hit the shampoo jack pot. Its formula is very hydrating and creamy, yet cleansing. It has a great lather and great smell. It doesn’t tangle or strip my hair like other shampoos, which I loved. The PH of this product is 6-6.5.

And right when I didn’t think this wash day could get any better Olaplex blessed me with the No.5 bond maintenance conditioner. Wow, if you love a thick creamy conditioner then you’ll be in conditioner heaven with this one. I was quite surprised at how hydrating and thick the formula is and it showed as I smiled in the youtube review below! This product is color safe and also brings your hair down to a healthy 4.0-5.0 PH.

So What’s The Hype?

The fact that Olaplex has a patented formula that repairs your hair from the inside out is the hype for me! These products restore and strengthen broken disulfide bonds and guess what? There’s no products on the market like it! You may be wondering, what type of damage can Olaplex repair? All types of damage including:

  • Heat Damage
  • Chemical Damage
  • Mechanical Damage
  • Environmental Damage

And don’t worry, If you’re not familiar with these types of hair damage it’s super easy to refer to the website for more information.


It’s 5/5 stars for me! I would 100% recommend this wash day combo for anyone on a healthy hair journey! Especially for my relaxed ladies reading, this product is a must have. The bottles aren’t that big but a little goes a long way! If strong healthy hair is what your trying to obtain, these products are the one to help you along the way!

I hope you’ve enjoyed, until next time.

-Do what you love, love what you do.


2 thoughts on “OLAPLEX Wash Day

  1. Thank you for breaking Olaplex down Boo I have a better understanding now. You & your hair are gorgeous as ever xoxo, Jas


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