YouTube Studio In Small Spaces

The beginning of this year, I decided I wanted to elevate my content and do that in my 493 sq. ft apartment! I wanted to be strategic and make sure that I could add to the space without crowding, and making everything movable. You have to be creative when living in a small space andContinue reading “YouTube Studio In Small Spaces”

Bantu Knot Out

Continuing my curly girl series #CGS I decided to do this super cute modified bantu-knot out. I ran across Roothie Patootie’s youtube channel and she had a styling video where she did a different type of method with bantu knots. I though it was a brilliant idea and I just had to try it out!Continue reading “Bantu Knot Out”

Everyone Thought This Was MY Hair!

I NEVER try to be with the “trickery” but with this unit I had to! It was just too easy, but let’s be real, this unit looks exactly like my texlaxed hair! It’s fulfilled all of my short bob dreams. It’s always a struggle when your in-between wanting to grow out your layers or continueContinue reading “Everyone Thought This Was MY Hair!”

5 Tips For a Super Affordable Snow Trip!

Going to Denver in March was the best decision I could have ever made! The weather was amazing ( with the exception of a little rain) and our snow day was even more awesome. I went up at the end of March and surprisingly the 45 degree weather felt more like 70 degree weather inContinue reading “5 Tips For a Super Affordable Snow Trip!”