My Relaxed Hair Won’t Grow, Help!

“Girl I’m trying to get my hair long like your but it keeps coming out! What do i need to do? “

I get so many direct messages on Instagram and Facebook from women who are having trouble with their relaxed hair. Before they do the big chop they want to give their relaxed hair a second chance at life! I don’t know the circumstance or condition everyone’s hair is in, but I do know a couple of question you ladies can ask yourself when getting your hair to grow.

  • What type of relaxer am I using?
  • Do I implement protein treatments into my regimen?
  • Do I deep condition?
  • Do I care for my hair while in protective styles?

These are just some of the questions I ask when there is no length retention. I explain these steps and more in a detail video on my channel! Check it out!

“The front half of my head is thriving and getting longer while the back of my hair continues to break, what would you recommend?”

– Do What You Love, Love What You DO!


3 thoughts on “My Relaxed Hair Won’t Grow, Help!

  1. I workout 5 to 6 Days a week, just started my hair journey
    I am currently 3 months post relaxer. Watching your video on YouTube help me a lot so far. I like to know how can I keep my hair healthy while still working out 5 to 6 Days a week.
    Thanks in advance


  2. Omg this video and post really helped me!! I definitely need to deep condition more. Thank you so much 😍


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