5 Tips For a Super Affordable Snow Trip!

Going to Denver in March was the best decision I could have ever made! The weather was amazing ( with the exception of a little rain) and our snow day was even more awesome. I went up at the end of March and surprisingly the 45 degree weather felt more like 70 degree weather in Florida. Some people says it’s because of the high elevation making us higher to the sun but nether the less the weather was amazing for a stroll in downtown to sight see.


I would recommend staying in/near the city and traveling to a ski resort because there is so much more to see in the city and besides once your done with all the snow mountain activities there’s nothing left to do! A Ski trip can get very pricy but I am here to save the day and tell you some tricks and tips on saving money while enjoying your trip.


Plane tickets can get very expensive especially when your flying directly into winter park, aspen, and a lot of other ski country resorts. Denver seemed to be the happy medium for Colorado flights because it a great city and the tickets weren’t that expensive. When initially looking online the flights were around $180 US dollars. Many people don’t know this GEM but when you go to the airport to purchase your tickets you don’t have to pay the online fees. Our tickets turned out to be $120 at the airport but after the Denver taxes were added it came up to $150. Such great savings right??


Looking to get the most bang for your buck and do so in style? Airbnb is a great way to do so and also get a great price! Reading the reviews will give you a great idea if the spot is what your looking for. It will also make you aware of what to expect upon arrival. Make sure your able to communicate with the owner of the home before hand if you have any questions before booking.


Denver is loaded with many great thrift stores thats just so happen to have all the ski gear you’ll need! In the store snow goggles run for about $200 but in the thrift store you can grab a nice pair for $8, there was also snow shoes for around $14. So if needed wait till you get to Denver, stop at a thrift shop and shop till you drop! This is also great if you have a big family on a snow cation and you need as much savings as you can get!!


Turo is just like Airbnb but for cars! Yes renting peoples cars. When I first heard of this service I was super shocked! But then again people are coming up with all kinds of businesses these days! This service was great as well, the car we rented was around $20 dollars a day. With the under 25 fees and insurance fees it came up to $40 a day and we kept the care for 2 days with a grand total of $80. $80 beats a one way Uber ride to Winter Park from Denver! AGAIN guys saving, saving, saving!

Snow Day at Winter Park Resort:

We were under the impression that our snow day would be super expensive and we would only have enough money to drive there throw a snow ball or two and leave! But we were gladly mistaken, Tubing was around $20 which included a hour of endless tubing down the slippery ice slope! The lift ride over was completely free with amazing views and smooth ride. Skiing for beginners was $41 which included all your equipment on a slope that you won’t kill your self if you’ve never skied before!


So if you like me and your going on a snow trip for your first time I KNOW this will help you! Make sure to share with others don’t be stingy!! Have fun and be safe! Until next time

Do what you love, Love what you do!


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