The Benefits Of A Pre-poo

These days I love using Aloe as a pre-poo. Either Ill use the natural plant or when I’m feeling lazy I’ll use the African pride pre-poo. Many of you may be wondering what is a pre-poo? Would it benefit me? Why would I have to prep my hair before washing it? Well this post is going to give you all the answers and help you decide if pre-pooing is for you!

Detangle & Reduce Breakage

A Pre-poo is just that. A mixture put on your hair before washing it that conditions your strands before going into the shampoo process. Sometimes my hair is extremely dry before wash day. If Ive had a protective style in for a good length of time then it’s tangled too! Going in before hand with a Aloe mixture helps to melt those tangles away and moisturizes my strands before clarifying. Some shampoos can be stripping and dry your hair out. So just imagine, going in with dry hair to then shampoo and make it even worse? This is where the goodness of a pre-poo comes in to give your hair protection. You’re going into wash day with a head start. The aloe lubricates your strands which makes detangling much easier and moisturizes the strands which decreases the chance of breakage. This makes for a smooth transition into wash day.

Reduce Wash Time

Wash day can sometimes take 2 hours! I know most black women can relate to this because our hair definitely needs TLC with a lot of attention to detail! Just the initial wet down alone can take 10 minutes. Especially for my normal to low porosity tresses, the water takes more time than normal to penetrate the strands in preparation for wash day. Doing a pre-poo can cut down on time in the shower and your strands will already be expanded and ready to take in the goodness of washday.

Enhance Texture

Before I started pre-pooing I didn’t know how much texture my hair really had. A Aloe pre-poo will make your curls pop, your waves pop, or whatever texture you never knew you had will guarantee to POP when using it. This is especially great for women who love wash & go’s because using a pre-poo will condition and moisturize your texture and the results will be super defined. Your hair will be left soft and manageable and like me, you’ll never go a wash day without your pre-poo.

Adding a pre-poo to your hair journey regimen is really top tier. To me, this step is considered a luxury and I wish that all women of color allow their hair to experience the goodness of an Aloe pre-poo. I promise you’ll love it!


I’ve been using Olaplex for over a year now and since the first time I used it, I was in fact hooked! The No.3 has been a staple in my hair routine and I faithfully go to Sephora To get more when I run out. Being a witness to how great the bond rebuilder in a bottle is to the health of my hair, I’ve been curious to try more products from the line. Special thanks to Olaplex I’ve gotten my hands on these jewels and the entire line has definitely become one of my favorites EASILY, So let’s jump right into it.

Wash Day Magic

I was sent the No.0, No.3, No.4, and No.5. You may be wondering, what does all that mean? Basically the No.0 preps your hair for the No.3 which is a bond rebuilder. The pair is said to work better together, although for the past year i’ve been using No.3 alone and have gotten great results! The No.4 is shampoo and the No.5 is the conditioner. The Olaplex line goes from 0-7, but the products mentioned in this post are the recipe to a perfect wash day.

I’ve been loving a good pre-poo in my hair journey lately so the No.0 came right on time. Its formula does not have a smell and has the consistency of water. The No.3 does a great job at bond rebuilding but, for a “deeper repair” and higher dose of bond rebuilding the No.0 prepares the hair to take in the Olaplex formula. The tops nozzle releases just enough of the solution to coat your strands without getting too messy. I must say, once I got to the second section it was easier for me to apply as I became more comfortable with the application process. I would suggest to focus the solution on your hair strands and not the scalp because well, that’s the purpose of the solution, to rebuild the bonds in your hair strands.

After letting your damp hair process for 10 minutes it’s time to go in with the No.3, which is my favorite! As I stated before this product has been an amazing stand alone addition to my hair regimen. But, according to, your hair becomes 3x’s stronger and 68% more bonds are repaired when using the No.0 primer with the No.3 bond rebuilder. I honestly didn’t feel a difference from using it alone or as a two-part system but the site assures the claims are scientifically proven so i’m sure the magic is happening in my strands and they all will thank me later!

The hair protector in a tiny bottle instantly repairs your hair and I’m telling you from experience, It’s for sure giving you something you can feel (In my best En Vogue voice lol). It smoothed my cuticles instantly and gave me definition that I never knew I had. No.3 is not a conditioner, it’s a bond rebuilder with a PH of 3.5-5, which is why the next two steps are super important.

I always stress how important it is to be consistent when using products and use the entire line for the best results. Olaplex has formulated this line to work together perfectly and really strengthen and repair all hair types! When it comes to shampoo, I can never be too careful but I knew from the moment this hit my hands that I had hit the shampoo jack pot. Its formula is very hydrating and creamy, yet cleansing. It has a great lather and great smell. It doesn’t tangle or strip my hair like other shampoos, which I loved. The PH of this product is 6-6.5.

And right when I didn’t think this wash day could get any better Olaplex blessed me with the No.5 bond maintenance conditioner. Wow, if you love a thick creamy conditioner then you’ll be in conditioner heaven with this one. I was quite surprised at how hydrating and thick the formula is and it showed as I smiled in the youtube review below! This product is color safe and also brings your hair down to a healthy 4.0-5.0 PH.

So What’s The Hype?

The fact that Olaplex has a patented formula that repairs your hair from the inside out is the hype for me! These products restore and strengthen broken disulfide bonds and guess what? There’s no products on the market like it! You may be wondering, what type of damage can Olaplex repair? All types of damage including:

  • Heat Damage
  • Chemical Damage
  • Mechanical Damage
  • Environmental Damage

And don’t worry, If you’re not familiar with these types of hair damage it’s super easy to refer to the website for more information.


It’s 5/5 stars for me! I would 100% recommend this wash day combo for anyone on a healthy hair journey! Especially for my relaxed ladies reading, this product is a must have. The bottles aren’t that big but a little goes a long way! If strong healthy hair is what your trying to obtain, these products are the one to help you along the way!

I hope you’ve enjoyed, until next time.

-Do what you love, love what you do.

Olaplex No.3 Full Review

I’ve always seen Olaplex being used in salons but I never thought to use it at home on my own hair. It wasn’t until my subscribers began to ask about the product and I seen more and more beauty influencers say great things about it that I gave in and went to purchase a bottle.

Bottle Size

Im so glad that I did research before going to purchase the Olaplex treatment because the bottle is very small and I would have been highly inclined to buy two. The small 3.3 fl oz bottle fits right in the palm of my hand and I couldn’t see how that small amount of product would suffice for all of the hair on my head! But through watching other demonstrations I learned the bottle is small but the product goes a long way and can last up to 2-3 uses.


The small bottle comes with a hefty price tag ranging from $28 to $20. I purchased mine from sephora but it can be purchased for cheaper on amazon and other online stores. There has been some suspension to be careful with the retailer you buy the product from because it may not be the exact Olapex formula. But to me, such a great formula as Olaplex, I don’t mind buying straight from the Olaplex website or going to sephora.

Magic In A Bottle

It amazes me every time how you can feel instant results when applying the Olaplex No.3 treament to your hair strands. It instantly smoothes the hair shaft and while rinsing the product, you can feel how strong your strands are. This formula is great for chemically treated hair but can also be beneficial to virgin hair as well.

How To Use Olaplex No. 3 is a very informative website that tells you everything you need to know about the product, how to use it, and its benefits. Whatever condition your hair is in your want to make sure you research the proper way of using this product or seek professional help if needed. My hair was dirty around the time I wanted to use the product so I shampooed and applied the product to towel dired hair. I kept the product on for 30 mintues but you want to leave it on for a minimum of 10 minutes for results. I then rinsed, condition, and styled as normal. To video below shows the entire process and also the finish result of my hair.


I give this product five stars! It’s amazing and can really help the integrity and overall health of your hair. This product is an actual bond rebuilder and the fact that there’s a product out there that can do that just blows my mind!

I hope this review helped you in your process with using or deciding to use Olaplex. Enjoy, until next time.

-Do what you love, love what you do.

Updated Wash Day Routine | BrianneLive


I previously wrote a post all about the benefits of pre-pooing and since then I’ve fallen in love! I’ve been using a new oil to pre-poo that has all the benefits of castor oil, peppermint oil, and coconut oil wrapped into one. The foundation of the formula is Jamaican Black Castor Oil and all the ingredients are natural and certified organic. The formula was made to be an all in one to help with hair growth, thickness, moisture, conditioning, and scalp stimulation, which is my favorite part! If you all are familiar with my content you know that I love the tingling sensation and this oil provides just that!

Atarah Oil


  1. The foundation of the oil is Jamaican Black Castor Oil without being super heavy on the hair
  2. Promotes hair growth and thickness
  3. Promotes scalp stimulation
  4. Promoted moisture and thickness
  5. The aesthetics of the packaging looks great on your countertop!

Going along with benefit #5 I am a firm believer of out of mind out of sight. With the oil sitting on my counter top it reminds me to oil my scalp and hair every day! The oil also looks amazing with my decor, see it for yourself in my new ‘Wash Day’ video.

Enoy! Until next time loves.

-Do what you love, love what you do.

The Benefits of a Oil Pre-poo

Extra tender loving and care are the needs of all African American hair types. The kinky texture is prone to dryness and sucks up moisture which can lead to brittle hair and breakage. A pre-poo can aide in moisture retention while adding to the oils that need to be in the hair.

Adding Moisture

Natural elements around us like: wind, rain, sun, and particles in the air, can have an effect on the state of the hair. Before wash day (especially when clarifying) adding oil will prevent drying out the hair anymore than it already will be. Naturally the hair gets dirty and needs to be clean but African American’s do not produce as much natural oils as other ethnicities being the reason why moisturizing and sealing is so important! Adding back in all the good stuff.


Working in sections has been a life savor for my hair journey and helps me manipulate through my hair more effectively with less breakage. A Pre-poo subcontiously gives you the opportunity to go through the sections of your hair and check things out! Get the shredded hairs out the way and make sure your whole head of hair is getting the same treatment.

Hair Growth

During my pre-poo process I love using peppermint oil! Working in sections I’m able to access my scalp and apply the oil directly onto it. I feel the tingling sensation and give myself a great scalp massage which stimulates hair growth.

If your hair is super dry I would recommend treating your pre-poo process identical to moisturizing and sealing. I would moisturize with a water based conditioner and follow up with the oil. This allows the oil to really penetrate the cuticle and result in smooth, soft, and shiny hair.


Enoy! Until next time loves.

-Do what you love, love what you do.

Bantu Knot Out

Continuing my curly girl series #CGS I decided to do this super cute modified bantu-knot out. I ran across Roothie Patootie’s youtube channel and she had a styling video where she did a different type of method with bantu knots. I though it was a brilliant idea and I just had to try it out! I love the bounce and shape it gives my hair! I can’t wait until day 2 or 3 to see how it drops! Watch the full video down below to see how I did it and how it came out!

Enoy! Until next time loves.

-Do what you love, love what you do.

Wash Day Ft. Lustrous Locks

Lustrous Locks Mint collection is definitely something to keep on your hair shelf! I was so surprised how it took so well to my hair and the products really compliment each other! If your a lover of tingling shampoo and condition this will be a win for you!

First I start wash day by making sure my whole head is drenched in water so the products can work its magic. Lustrous locks lush mint shampoo lathers like a dream! Immediately the suds grew aiding in me using little product. Then the tingle mint sensation came. WARNING, do not let this shampoo get in your eyes you will have some huge problems! I used my detachable shower head to direct the suds away from my face and make sure its being rinsed with adequate and direct pressure. After rinsing though, I  found that my hair felt stripped of everything!

When I got to the Lush mint conditioner I noticed it was a very very thick formula! You know the one’s you have to shake the bottle really hard to get out?Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 9.18.18 AM.png

This made me very happy because I knew the way the shampoo cleansed my hair of everything it had I would need a great moisturizing conditioner. As I began to apply the conditioner it literally felt like butter, I immediately felt that my hair would be in great condition after letting the conditioner sit for a few minutes. And boy was I right! My hair had natural shine and luster after T-shirt drying for about 30 minutes. I immediately fell in love!

I give this lush mint line a big thumbs up! Watch the video for yourself to see the great results!

Enjoy! Until next time loves.

-Do what you love, love what you do.

Everyone Thought This Was MY Hair!

I NEVER try to be with the “trickery” but with this unit I had to! It was just too easy, but let’s be real, this unit looks exactly like my texlaxed hair! It’s fulfilled all of my short bob dreams. It’s always a struggle when your in-between wanting to grow out your layers or continue to get them so you can wear super cute bob styles! Ive came to the conclusion that this unit is my happy medium and whenever I’m feeling in a short bob mood I’ll throw this baby on!

I’ve definitely been having hair withdrawals. I miss my real hair and I’m so sick of stretching! It’s not as bad right now because of my braids but I told myself + you all that I would end my stretch at 6months post.

May 25th, 2018 was my official 6 month post relaxer date. I had planned to relax that same day but life got busy and I had to post pone. My next attempt will be either Wednesday June 6th or Sunday June 10th. Be looking out for a relaxer update guys and Ill try to record the process. Please comment and let me know what question you have about this stretch and Ill try to include those in the upcoming videos!


Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.18.25 PM.PNG

Until Next time,

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Kera Care Thermal Wonder Wash Day

Im definitely taking it back with this one! I used to use Kera Care products when I was in high school a long time ago, and now I want to start using it again full time! One thing that I always associate Kera Care products with is the fresh tingling sensation you get with these products. I’ve never felt that before with another other hair products and I really enjoy the feeling. Ill break down my wash day with some pros and cons:


  • Sulfate Free
  • Great Lather
  • The prepoo gives a lot of slip and moisture to the hair
  • Tingle sensation makes your scalp feel amazing!
  • I can feel the “thermal protectant” working while using the prepoo



  • Shampoo is drying after second wash
  • Products burns your eyes

Although this product is for naturally curly hair I wanted to try it out since Im three months post relaxer and I knew flat ironing would be a challenge. The thought of my whole wash day routine helping with the flatiron process is amazing! For chemically treated hair though, I would shampoo then use the prepoo. OR you can use the Kera Care moisturizing conditioner after you shampoo.

Do I feel like treatment helped with the straightening process?

Being that I used silk elements heat protect and not the Kera Care line I would say yes and no. Yes because I felt silk agents in the prepoo and I knew that contribution came in handy while flat ironing. I would say no because I didn’t use the whole line for my routine and Im not sure if that affected the results in any way!

Would I use this line again?

Yes of course! Since being in cosmetology school I’ve grown an appreciation for salon products. I know that using the same line also affects the results because the formula is made to work with the product line. AND not to mention the bottles are sealed so no one has been in the store taking your product!

If you have any questions feel free to ask away!

Until next time,

Do what you love, love what you do.


Versatility | Curly Girl Series

Happy New Year! Welcome to my very first post of the new year! In light of the obvious chances to my site, i’m super excited to tell you about all the plan I have for 2018.

First things first I did this awesome photoshoot with my photographer (@sheepishnarco) to start my versatile series I plan to showcase on my channel. Last year I promised more visuals of different hair styles so this year I want to keep it going with more and more hair ideas for you guys to recreate or get some ideas from. I will show this not only with my own hair but also through protective styles.

Secondly, I will be bringing more healthy hair tips to my channel. Since I’ve been in cosmetology school it has inspired me to learn more about the ins and out of healthy hair. I will be trying out different teas, products and anything else i can get my hands on to dibble and dab in things that can contribute to healthy hair on my channel. It’s so amazing all the components that make up one strand of hair it just reminds me of how amazing god really is.

Lastly, I’ve been doing some giveaways on my channel in the month of December and I decided to announce the winners all here! I had lots of fun going to the store picking up all the products and tools for you guys! Im sure this giveaway was well over $100 but, I wanted to show my appreciation and further more help you guys start off your hair journey the right way this year.

I’ve announced a winner already on my give away video but got no response so these are the current winners. I took in consideration all the rules of the contest plus familiar names of my consistent supporters.

The Winners are:

#1 Wendy Wallace

#2 Stephanie Beauvais

#3 Lashawnta Gandy

#4 Libby L

#5 Millennial Diva

Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for all the support! Please Email me at to claim your prize with your name and address!

Until next time,

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