BLADE |The Hair Flip

Photographer |IG: Sheepishnarco

@kelbpics on instagram is such a great photographer and he was a big inspiration for this shoot! He captures amazing pictures of women and their natural hair/Locks. His pictures seem to tell a story and the women in the pictures convey (to me) how much confidence they have within themselves. Kel the relaxed ladies can hair flip too lol (Go check him out).

The Story

My great photographer @sheepishnarco captured my story and my confidence as well. When me and him seen this shot we knew this was the one, the BLADE. As a young adult I’ve dealt with heart break, peer pressure, and people telling me my dream were too far fetch. This BLADE represents my strength, my ability to fight back, and the trials and tribulations I go through to try to be pleasing in gods eyes.

To every women around the world your BLADE is being Bold, Loud, Attentive, having
Drive, and giving life your best Effort, to be the best you.

Love what you do, and do what you love.




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