The Journey | Relaxed Hair Ep.1

After sharing my own journey with my audience I decided it would be a great idea to share the journey of others! There are so many different textures of relaxed hair and Its all around me, I just want you to see what I see! The Journey will take you through the stories of many different relaxed ladies so you can hear what they have to say about being relaxed. This series is also a continuation of the #WhyILoveMyRelaxedHair movement to keep you ladies inspired and I hope you enjoy!

So the first episodes features my best friend Taylor.

In her episode she gives all her secrets, tips,  and tricks to growing long healthy relaxed hair. She also reveals some of the struggles she has had since being relaxed. Her story is so amazing and inspiring. She also includes a special treat, showcasing her wig collection!

@Taylormade_stylez on Instagram

Be on the look out for episode 2, we may get a peak in an actual hair salon! Until next time

-Do what you love, love what you do


2 thoughts on “The Journey | Relaxed Hair Ep.1

  1. Very interesting and intriguing ideas.
    I struggled with relaxed hair until I moved to another country.
    I kept my hair at shoulder length for years and strethe my relaxers. I began seeing progress. It was amazing
    Keep up the awesome job in sharing these stories. We each have personal struggles but we should find our strengths and pull through.


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